The Treasurers House.

Written By PhilG

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At the bottom of Deans Park you’ll find a cobbled street called Minster Yard. All of the buildings on this street look impressive but the one I’d like to tell you about is the Treasurers House. This building dates from the sixteen hundreds but the Minster has had a treasurer’s house on this site much longer.

The treasurer looked after the Minster’s money and treasures as well as being in charge of 3 building repair work on the Minster.

York’s most famous ghost sighting happened in the Treasurers house.

In 1953 an apprentice, Harry Martindale, saw roman soldiers marching in the cellar. Some of the clothing and equipment used by the ghosts Harry described seamed odd to historians only later did they find new evidence that his description was right. Why were the soldiers here? York Minster is built on top of the Roman Principia or head quarters. But, as a York Explorer, you probably already know that.

No treasure remains.

King Henry VIII took the churches land and money from the monasteries to use for himself between 1536-40, this is referred to as the dissolution of the monasteries and in 1547 William Cliff who was then the treasurer resigned because “no treasure remained” The Treasurers House is owned by the National Trust.

Inside you can see period furniture.