Deans Park

Written By PhilG

York is a great place for a day trip or short stay. With lots of museums, restaurants, and pubs to explore.  

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King Richard III in the Picnic Park.

Deans Park in York Minster grounds is a popular picnic spot. Lots of people sit here and admire the Minster but…

Did you know that King Richard III came here in 1483?

Richard III came to York as many as six times a year and in 1483 he came to the Arch Bishops Palace, that at the time, was in Deans Park just behind the Minster, to Invest his son as Prince of Wales. You can see a plaque on the wall of the Arch Bishops Palace (the building is now used as York Minster library), to remember the occasion.

The place where Guy Fawkes was baptized.

Follow me and we’ll discover what else York has to offer. First let’s just pop over the road, to the church just a stones throw to the right hand side of the Minster’s main doors. Dwarfed by the Minster this little church is called St Michael le Belfrey, it’s the place where Guy Fawkes was baptized on the 16th of April 1570, and this is the place where his father is buried. Guy was a catholic and in 1605 he tried to blow up King James I who was a protestant.

Guy Fawkes was born and lived close to this spot; he went to St Peters school in York. He was caught, tried and tortured in London, and executed on the 31st of January 1606. You can see a pub just over the road from St Michael le Belfrey with a sign outside saying “Guy Fawkes birth place” however I’m told the pub wasn’t built until after 1700.

Now lets retrace our steps back past the front of the Minster through the iron gates and walk along the foot path that takes us round the edge of Deans Park. The park is a big enclosed grassy aria where you can sit and view the Minster. It’s a popular picnic spot and at the bottom of the park there is a small stone building with a steep pointed roof. This is the building I told you about where king Richard III invested his son. You keep on walking to the iron gates at the bottom of the Minster where you leave Deans Park.

Picnic spot.

Deans Park just behind York Minster is a great picnic spot for any York Explorer.