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Become a York Explorer and follow along with me and you’ll get to know about the people who make York history so exciting. You’ll also learn about some of the buildings that make York unique.

As you’ve already guessed, I absolutely love York and its history. I’ve spent countless hours walking the streets hunting out the city’s special places. I hope this website will give you some idea why.

Read this chunk of history and get a little better acquainted with the city, the more you know York the more you’ll love it.

June 2022.

Become a York Explorer & fall in love with this beautiful city.

The streets are peppered with medieval buildings and I’m told York has the best documented history of any city in England.

Most of York’s historic buildings are medieval and they’re all steeped in history. But you could easily walk by not knowing about their past, casually thinking oh that’s pretty. Follow me as I show you around and tell you about my favorite buildings and places. I hope that you’ll grow to love the city as much as I do.

I fell in love with York forty years ago. Taking the train from Bradford it was just sixty minuets until I was walking towards York Minster. Then I started exploring and found King’s Manor, a building I still think is the most beautiful house I’ve ever seen. And that was it, I was hooked by York and it’s history and I have been ever since.

York has been here for almost 2000 years and in that time the city has had four names. In Roman times York was called Eboracum (AD71-410).

In Anglo-Saxon times York was called Eoforwic (AD650-860), The Viking called York Jorvik (866-954) and now we call the city York.

With so much to tell you where do I start?

For instance, I could tell you about Catherine Howard, she was the fifth wife of King Henry VIII and she had an affair with Thomas Culpepper in the rose garden of Kings manor.

On the other hand, I could tell you about the plaque on the wall of what was once the arch bishop’s palace (near York Minster) telling you that King Richard III invested his son (Edward of Middleham) as Prince of Wales here on the 8th of September 1483.

After that I could describe the view from the city wall, it was built between 1240 and 1340 and you can walk around it for free.

Until I make my mind up, why not read this quick overview…